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Zombies have taken over the city of Los Angeles!


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In Zombiewood, third-person action game, you'll play as a Hollywood actor who stars in a series of horror movies where he kills tons of zombies and explodes dozens of vehicles and buildings. The problem? He might be taking it all a little too seriously.

It's in this delirious setting that Zombiewood offers a dual-stick shooter game. Your left thumb will control the direction of your character, while your right thumb aims your pistols.

In each different level (organized as if they were movies) you'll have to complete a series of objectives. Completing these objectives, like killing zombies, will earn you money. And, of course, with this money you can get tons of upgrades for your character, among them twenty different weapons.

The game is pretty long, since it has eleven different movies that you'll be starring in (after unlocking them, of course) and ten playing modes. And then there's the online high score board, which gives you even more incentive to keep playing.

Zombiewood is a fun game with outstanding graphics in which a cartoonish style mixes perfectly with carefully-designed models. Hours and hours of zombie-killing madness await you.
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